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Jeff Thomas


The Department of Public Works is divided into four main areas with each serving a specific, important function in the operation and maintenance of the city's basic infrastructure. Specific functions of each division are listed below.  

Sanitation Department

  • Collection and disposal of all household and business refuse
  • Collection and disposal of all yard waste
  • Collection and chipping of brush and tree limbs
  • Collection and disposal of metal and white goods
  • Maintaining city compost site
  • Leaf collection in the fall

Sewer Department

  • Maintenance and cleaning of all city sewers and laterals
  • Installing sewer taps for new construction
  • Cleaning catch basins and drains
  • Construction of new sewers as needed

Street Department

  • Snow removal and ice control
  • Maintenance and replacement of all signs
  • Trimming of vegetation along city streets and alleys
  • Repair and maintenance of all city streets and alleys
  • Mowing of all city property except parks
  • Mowing of ordinance violation areas
  • Securing or removal of sub-standard buildings
  • Street sweeping
  • Securing and barricading of streets for Heritage Days
  • Assist all other departments with special projects as needed

City Garage

  • Repair and Maintenance of department's vehicles and equipment
  • Fabrication of specially needed parts or equipment